About us

ViaMonstra is a brand at Deployment Artist, which was founded in 2010. Since then we’ve been providing the world with the highest quality training and educational materials on Windows systems. We’re a publishing company that focuses primarily on books, courseware, and video-based training. For example, the popular books under the Deployment Fundamentals series. We were founded by Johan Arwidmark. A true master of Windows Deployment and Systems Management, he wanted to put his expertise to good use. He can remember the early days of learning Windows Operating Systems and remembers how overwhelming it can be. That’s why he started Deployment Artist, to help others master Windows in a way that’s digestible and actionable.

At Deployment Artist, we know hands-on learning is often the best way to truly master something. That’s why we decided to offer our in-person training workshops! We also know that not everyone can travel, which is why we developed our state-of-the-art video training courses. Our website is online 24/7 and available to the entire world. That means that we’re here for you when you need us the most! Are you bored waiting for hours at the doctor’s office? Pull up our training course and learn some helpful tips on WinPE or WDS! If you need to learn more about WDS, MDT, or anything else Windows or Microsoft related, you owe it to yourself to check out Deployment Artist today. We’ve got the tools and the expertise to make you a Windows pro! 

Feel free to email any questions or comments to johan.arwidmark@deploymentartist.com.